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Comprehensive Women Care & Obstetric care under one roof. State of the art Laboratory services for blood & other tests

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Consultation & scientific and ethical investigation & management of Infertility and IVF at affordable cost 

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Prenatal care helps decrease risks during pregnancy and increases the chance of a safe and healthy delivery.

Marvel Hospital & Fertility Centre

We are one of the leading multi-disciplinary integrated private healthcare services providers in Bangalore, India, operating marvel multi-speciality hospital & marvel fertility center with a focus on secondary and tertiary healthcare. We have evolved as one of the largest corporate healthcare which provides most comprehensive and cost-effective treatment for all medical treatments & surgeries including Infertility(IVF/ICSI) treatments. We offer a comprehensive bouquet of healthcare services across specialties & super specialties, which provided services to over 10,000 patients(Including inpatients & outpatients) since the inception of our marvel multi-specialty hospital and marvel fertility center, Bangalore. We operate and manage our hospitals, which we believe, provides us with greater control over our facilities and helps us in our endeavor to deliver high quality and affordable healthcare services.

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Fertility Services

Patient Testimonials

Dr.Mamtha Reddy is such a nice person who is very polite with her patients and a great consultant. We have been consulting her for the last 8 years, she has never changed. I am writing this because, when we were out of station for a year, we were consulting a doctor in our native and found how rude and money minded they are. Dr.Mamtha never asks you to do something unless it is really required. Not sure about the rest of the administration. But guarantee a good service with Dr.Mamtha.
Suresh Krishnan
Recently i delivered in Marvel.Experience with Dr Mamtha Reddy was really good…I strongly recommend Dr Mamtha Reddy for delivery also Ipd staffs are friendly specially Sr Rajeshwari despite of night 2 or 3 o clock she was always there taking care of my baby.But here receptionist of Dr Mamtha reddy they are very rude they dont no how to treat patients when we go with file for registration.No proper response.Seriously zero knowledge about customer care.They behave like as though they are giving free service…Apart from that 5 stars for Doctor and also for IPD staffs….
Nidhi Shree
Mamta mam here is very great. She has very good hand at delivery and operation. I have got two of my kids delivered here. Both the times we had very good happy experience. Even when you get stuck with some kind of document issue with insurance people they help you with their best effort. Good place to get treatment. Nurses are also caring here.
Rakesh Kumar
I have been visiting this hospital for 6 years now and every time, i get the best treatment, whether its for my mother or myself. I remember 6 years back when i had this illness and i visited a renowned hospital in Bangalore, they scared me to death and looted my money. But then one of friend recommended Marvel and to consult Dr.Mamata Reddy and to be honest, half of my illness got vanished by only meeting Dr.Mamata Reddy by her warm behavior, who is a famous Gynecologists. She gave me the perfect treatment and i got completely recovered. Since, then for any illness or routine check up i only visit Marvel because their whole staff is really warm and the treatment is excellent. To name a few Doctors whom i have consulted and are splendid are Dr.Mamata Reddy, Dr.RaviShankar Reddy, Dr Rahul and many more. Infact all the Doctors and other medical staff are highly knowledgeable and experienced, the standard of the hospital is properly maintained, well hygiene, well equipped. My rating 10 on 10.
Sumi K
I have visited Dr Mamatha Reddy for pregnancy related consultation and it gives me immense pleasure to describe doctor as one of best doctor for treatment of any kind of gynecological problems. Please do visit if you are looking for any fertility treatments and would like to get best consultation with the results.
Shyamalini Panda
Really glad we decided to go with Dr. Mamatha Reddy and Marvel Multispeciality Hospital for our delivery. The entire process, from doctor consultation to admission until discharge, was very smooth and effortless. The doctor including the hospital staff ensured the entire process was memorable.
Kankan Dey