Endometroisis Cyst Surgery

Endometriosis is diagnosed surgically by laparoscopy. During laparoscopy, a thin viewing tube (called a laparoscope) is passed through a small incision in the abdomen. A second incision may be made on the lower abdomen to provide an additional opening for surgical instruments. Using the laparoscope, doctor can look directly at the outside of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and nearby organs. The laparoscope can also be fitted with surgical devices for taking tissue samples or removing scar tissue.


Endometriosis can be treated at the time of diagnosis. Endometriosis is diagnosed using a surgical procedure called laparoscopy. Endometrial lesions (implants of endometrial tissue outside of the endometrium) can be cut away (excised) or burned away using a high-energy heat source, such as a laser (ablated). Treatment with laparoscopy is more difficult with advanced disease that involves large areas of the rectum or larger lesions.

Whether you should have surgery may depend on your age and your overall health. Talk with doctor if:

  • You have severe pelvic pain
  • Medication doesn’t get your symptoms under control
  • You have trouble getting pregnant
  • A growth in your pelvic area needs to be removed.